Bar Loose is a garage rock shrine in the heart of Helsinki. In the early evening, the bar is a cozy lounge for enthusiasts, in the evening a quality gig for both big and smaller stars of the future, and at midnight the restaurant is a hot follow-up club for dance-hungry Partyers.


At Bar Loosister you will find a relaxed atmosphere, arbitrarily changing music, small brewery beers, tasty pizzas and juicy burgers, for both vegans and meat lovers. You can book the downstairs sauna cabinet for parties or outings.


004 Belge

Belgium’s guideline is to offer customers the good things in life. The beer is poured correctly and the portions are fair and honest. Belgium’s famous mussels are always made from fresh mussels. The upstairs library next to the bistro is the cozy heart of post-work relaxation.


AGK 2011 Miehet tiskillä_Bar ysi 344

Cafe Bar No 9 has been a living room for cultured city residents since 1996.


Restaurant Sävel is located in Kallio on the edge of Hakaniementori, opposite the market hall. The relaxed and warm-hearted service of Sävel invites people over and over again. Finnish ingredients and Helsinki’s local culture serve as our inspirers. Sävel’s 50’s-inspired interior is reminiscent of Olavi Virta’s golden youth in today’s trendy Kallio. All the food we make is made with love, respecting Finnish traditions. Our restaurant serves fresh salads, succulent burgers, steaks and fish, with vegans and vegetarians in mind. Classicburger has been a favorite of our regular customers for the two decades. For lunch, the soup of the day, salads and main dishes from our buffet. In addition to the hit products, the drink menu includes a rich selection of small brewery products as well as a relaxed and uncomplicated wine selection, not forgetting traditional drinks. Welcome!


The gem of Esplanade – since 1867

The attraction of Kappeli has a long tradition. The beauty of Esplanade Park, the space of the glass veranda, the precious essence of the building and the modern kitchen are ready for today’s guests.


Locanda Scappi is an Italian restaurant located in Katajanokka. At Scappi, everything is made from scratch by an Italian staff. Authentic portions of Italian cuisine are made from high-quality ingredients – handmade pastas are especially popular!


The Madonna is a fresh breeze from times gone by, serving food and drinks from all over the Italian boot. Located on the stone foot of an old factory building, Madonna’s pizza is Roman-style, thinner than thin and crunchy, and pasta and gelato are handmade. The golden, velvety bar is the centerpiece of the restaurant, serving classic cocktails and familiar Italian drinks – not forgetting Madonna’s own limoncello.



The world of European noble beers opens up to all those who come to Kaisla in all their richness. The research trip to the world of bottled beers with Finland’s widest selection of beers takes longer than the adventures of yesteryear. When Kaisla’s board games and good music are added to this, we can talk about Bar atmosphere with a big B.


Konepaja is a new beer room in the lively Vallila residential area, where friends, new and old, still meet today. A feminine and urban heart beats in the chest of our bar. Our lungs are filled with fresh international air and our steps are fueled by an enthusiasm that makes us always do things a little better than others. The deepest purpose of our existence is to provide customers with a feeling that is remembered and returned. We support social and public living!


Ølhus København offers beers from Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Come and relax for a while in the heart of the city center or spend quality time with friends in pleasant surroundings. Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret!


At Passion, Nordic food is treated with passion. The taste experience we have is surprising thanks to the excellent ingredients, refined skills and emotionally picked wines. And don’t forget to relax – with us, you can be you.


Restaurant Espa offers simple, lovingly made food made from good ingredients, which is fresh, inventive and international. Our list is extensive but our portions are simple. Our goal has been to create a place that folds into many things: a quick snack or a festive dinner. The Spanish kitchen is run by award-winning chef Kalle Tanner together with Eero Vottonen, the kitchen manager of the restaurant Palace. Everything we offer is carefully selected. We prefer small producers who, like us, are passionate about quality. As a Helsinki-based restaurant, we also prefer local players.


Do you think you know street food?

We invite you to be surprised. Our delicious ideas are inspired by the best street kitchens across the world. We are easy to reach – just come on in. Pop in for a moment or stay longer.

You can come alone, or with a friend or a group, and enjoy a slow lunch or a quick one. You can stay the evening or just for a little while. You can have a little snack with your beer or enjoy a six-course meal. You can also have food delivered directly to your home.

We are pleased to offer delicious food and a great atmosphere. Always. We have one strong principle: no one leaves our place hungry or unhappy. Join us on a laid-back street food journey that breaks culinary boundaries! In our restaurant, sushi meets taco, yuzu surprises a doughnut, spruce meets soy, and Chinese XO sauce becomes vegan.

We have a table ready for you – have a seat! See you soon!


Alvar and Aino Aalto’s restaurant classic, founded by Maire Gullichsen in 1937, is currently piloted by Finland’s most internationally acclaimed chef, Helena Puolakka, who has worked as a chef in several three-Michelin-star restaurants.


Tanner is a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, where big groups with laughter and songs are welcome. The relaxed atmosphere is also visible in the evening, when the menu changes smoothly into the evening. The DJ, who plays electronic music, starts Friday at 10 pm. People will come to Tanner not only for food and wine, but also for the atmosphere. The style of the restaurant is casual rustic with bistro finishing, describes restaurant manager Merja Saarinen.


Rivoli1 muokattu

Romantically French Rivoli as well as Italian casual Trattoria Rivoletto.


Located in the center of Kamppi, Bierhuis Rotterdam is an immediate harbor for fun, where things fly and pints bump. Behind Rotterdam’s plush bar counter, you will find quality beers with their boys. The selection of a dozen draft beers and dozens of bottled beers covers most Dutch beers from Finland and offers a representative sample of other international and domestic flavors. As the Dutchman would say, “Welcome for one, or at least three!”.


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Unique Rhythm in Kallio.


Sailor atmosphere for more than 120 years

Restaurant Salve is an integral part of the history of Kamppi and especially Hietalahti. The glorious journey of the restaurant began with a small kiosk, a door from which food and tobacco was sold mainly to sailors as early as 1897.

Despite its long and colorful history, Salve lives strongly in time. The famous and perhaps the best herring in the country, as well as the Salve pan, which has been preserved from the golden age of sailors, are still on the list – today with a few vegetables on the side as well.



The coolest bar in Kallio with a large terrace.


The delicacies of our kitchen are like Helsinki today – a wonderful combination of international flavors and the best domestic ingredients. From eight in the morning, Sofia offers the best and freshly baked cinnamon buns in the city, as well as blueberry pie. Smoked salmon rye bread, sour root bread with goat cheese or pea pesto, and the warm turkey and vegetable reubens familiar from New York deli keep the most curious mouth on the road. Fresh and cold drinks, hot coffee, brewed tea or even a cup of cocoa complete the experience. A good lunch is always made with care and good ingredients and there is a little juju in the taste. It’s healthy, gives enough energy for the rest of the day, but doesn’t stun the diner down to the day’s chores. Our chef will build you a delicious portion, in addition to which you will be served a salad and self-baked bread and spreads in Sofia. There are two servings daily, one of which is vegetarian.


Stones yleiskuva

Gastropub Stone´s brings burgers made from the best local suppliers’ ingredients and a comprehensive selection of domestic small brewery beers to even the most demanding tastes. In both food and drink we emphasize local and organic, as we want to offer customers authentic taste experiences. During the summer, Stone´s also has a terrace with almost 100 seats, where you can enjoy both our food and drink selection.


On the corner of Kasarmitori, The Cock is a lively block restaurant open from lunch to late evening and a bar where everyone is welcome. From the bistro-like street level, a spiral staircase lined with contemporary art leads to a candlelight, red-brick basement – an exceptionally atmospheric event space. The brasserie-inspired menu features modern classics from Fine de Claire oysters to tartar steaks and from linguine vongole to burgers.



Vltava is a magnificent Czech restaurant on Elielinaukio in the heart of Helsinki. The four floors of the 100-year-old Art Nouveau building provide an atmospheric environment for exploring, meeting, socializing and having fun, paired with the world’s best beers and Czech cuisine.