Funk and latin rhythms in Art goes Kapakka this Friday

Plastic Island

Thank you for the choirs and the audience for yesterday’s Tour of Choirs, it was great! Today Art goes Kapakka introduces an interesting and wide range of performances.

At 17.30 Cafe Piritta becomes the scene for Miehemme hiidellä, a playful stage performance of an actor and a musician. In Vaelsa, Clarinet4 plays Latin American rhythms and Argentinian tango at 18.00. Meanwhile in Kulttuuritalo, we’ll hear saxophone played by a gifted multi-instrumentalist Joakim Berhäll and at 18.30 in Bryggeri, Knucklebone Blues Band performs electric roots & blues. Cuejero brings us an artistic union of Latin rhythms, flamenco, Spanish folk and Middle Eastern melodies in Oficina at 19.00; at the same time in Wellamo, we will hear award-winning folk by Gondoli-Tero and at 19.30 in Oluthuone Kaisla Plastic Island takes us to a journey towards the human inner space. At 20.00 in restaurant Carelia, tenor Luca Cannavò sings Italian evergreens, in Kulttuuritalo Hereä plays acoustic rhythm music with mystic and romantic northern flavours and in Dubliner Suho Superstar & Friends Beyond provides us western sounds and twinkling stars of blues sky. Finally, at 20:30 Q-Continuum plays some funk at Tenho, Elmun Baari goes Punk at 21:30 and Cleaning Women plays their bizarre self-made instruments in Juttutupa at 22.00.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the first friday of Art goes Kapakka with us!