Folk, street theatre and contemporary cuisine in AgK this saturday

Henkka & Mathias / Photo: Ida Stenros

Thank you for all of you who attended to Art goes Kapakka yesterday! Now it’s time to dive into a new festival day once again.

Art goes Kapakka’s first saturday begins at 14.00 when Bryggeri Terrace Live Music Jamboree fills Bryggeri’s courtyard with music. At 15.00 in Helkan Keittiö, we’ll find out what do Laitila’s Kukko Helles and IPA beers taste like and who makes them. Our “taste” -series continue at 16.00 in Tenho, as Jyrki Sukula, Antti Maunu and Pekka Timonen tell us about contemporary Finnish cuisine. In Elmun Baari, jazz-funk-soul virtuoso Kalle Salonen and his band play together with a pioneer of Finnish progressive rock, Jukka Gustavson. In Vaelsa, Osiris Teatteri’s Villit ja vapaat (wild and free) performance treats us with some brave street theatre at 17.00, and in restaurant Carelia at 18.00, plays the amazing Polte Ensemble. In DublinerHenkka & Mathias take the stage with their hilarious folk-rock, at 19.00, in William K. Kurvi we’ll hear some echoes of gamelan, prog rock, psychedelic rock and jazz by Raoul Björkenheim & Tatu Rönkkö, and at 20.00 Howlin’ Duo cheers us up with their curiously enjoyable music therapy. Last but not least, we’ll hear Trio Guitar Trio‘s pseudo flamenco and bowler jazz in Ølhus Oslo at 21.00.

See you at the festival!