Art goes Kapakka will be held from 18 to 21 November!

Miehet tiskillä, Cafe Bar No 9, Kuva: Minna Hatinen

Dear Friends,

We have great news.

Art goes Kapakka develops as an all year round festival and brings art to Helsinki restaurants in November 2020

Inspired by the expertise of restaurant, culture and event professionals, we want to bring joy and life to the end of this special year that has changed our daily lives, so Art goes Kapakka will be held on 18-21 November 2020. From Wednesday to Saturday, the restaurants have performances, singing, art, speeches, drinks and food. We invite everyone to enjoy and enjoy with all their senses. The late autumn festival will feature thirty restaurants and about a hundred program numbers.

More information
Head Producer, Katri Hyvärinen, 0445046110
Festival Founder, Mikko Leisti, 0400640090