Jazz and cabaret in AgK tonight

Mira Luoti / Photo: Kerttu Malinen

Wednesday night with no plans? Here is a few ideas!

At 19.00 in Teerenpeli Keskuskatu, you can hear violinist Elia combining classical and electronic muisc with hip hop. At 19.oo and at 20.30 jazz meets spoken word as Mikko Sarvanne Hip Companyn & Baby P performs in Elmun baari. At 19.30, Rhythm Caravan plays Balkan-inspired music in Ølhus København, at 20.00 in Café Bar No 9 we’ll hear 60s soul-jazz by Tri Tolvanen Organ Treatment and at 20.00 in Helkan Keittiö drag artist Linnea von Kattendam takes the stage in The Best Cabaret in Town.

Later, at Kitch, Uinuva-duo plays lyrical pop music, at 21.00 Mira Luoti plays her new songs in Zetor and at the same time, you can see some dance films in Kulttuuritalo as Loikka Dance Film Festival goes Kapakka. Finally, at 20.00 in Juttutupa, we’ll see a big band of 2010’s, Njet Njet 9.