Folk, jazz, dance and much more in the last three days of Art goes Kapakka

Three more days left in Art goes Kapakka! The festival is full music, dance and art – so, where to go? Here is some highlights of our program for the next three days.


Ohtoni: Karhunpeijaiskonsertti / Photo: Steffan Bremer


At 18.30 in Tenho, we’ll see Mika Kallio Satu Rinnetmäki – IMPULSION; An impulsive dialogue between a solo drummer and a dancer. At 19:30

Ukulele Orchestra Jalkanen, Julkunen & Peter plays big-hearted music with small instruments in Manala at 19.30.

In Belge, talented teenagers, Milo & Moses play swing and bebop at 20.00

Ohtoni: Karhunpeijaiskonsertti is A music performance based on a traditional celebration after a bear hunt. Dubrovnik at 21.00.

Finally, we’ll hear some rap music as a young female duo Sofa takes the stage in Zetor, and Töölön ketterä plays their mixture of grime, garage rock and rap in Why join the navy when you can be a pirate.



Hanna Maaria / Photo: Marko Voutilainen


Friday’s program starts at 18.00 as a promising new artist, Hanna Maaria, plays in Fazer Café Kluuvikatu 3.

At 19.30, Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin Goes Roots in Oficina. The performance brings an extravaganza of modern rhythm music and dance to the stage.

At 20.00, Karuna plays contemporary Nordic folk music in Kappeli.

Restaurant Carelia is filled with classical music when Jussi & Marjaana Merikanto play classical at the bar at 20.30

Also at 20.30 in Teurastamo, we’ll see a debut of two folk veterans and their band, Varsa.

Classical music tradition meets modern acoustic tones and primal beat when Nuria plays in Ølhus Oslo at 22.00.





The Final day of Art goes Kapakka begins with Tipsy Gipsy‘s spellbinding songs inspired by gipsy style and Finnish folklore at 17.30 in Cafe Piritta.

At 18.30 in William K. Kurvi, we will hear Karina‘s free and easy folk-pop about warm, nostalgic memories.

Muuan Mies offers a boisterous mix of rock, rap and reggae in Rymy-Eetu at 20.30

At 21.00 in Kulttuuritalo, you can have a pause for sounds and tales, colours and reflections from all over the globe when Teho Majamäki plays his travel-inspired music.

Last but not least, Mimie Moore gives us some hooky harmonies on top of kooky instruments in Juttutupa at 22.00.


Welcome to enjoy the next three days with Art goes Kapakka!

Changes in the festival program

Tonight’s performance of AFROTYSONIA (17.30, Cafe Piritta) has unfortunately been cancelled due to an illness.

In addition, on Friday the 26th of August, soloist Hanna Maaria will perform at Fazer Cafe Kluuvikatu 3 at 18.00. See you there!


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Jazz and cabaret in AgK tonight

Mira Luoti / Photo: Kerttu Malinen

Wednesday night with no plans? Here is a few ideas!

At 19.00 in Teerenpeli Keskuskatu, you can hear violinist Elia combining classical and electronic muisc with hip hop. At 19.oo and at 20.30 jazz meets spoken word as Mikko Sarvanne Hip Companyn & Baby P performs in Elmun baari. At 19.30, Rhythm Caravan plays Balkan-inspired music in Ølhus København, at 20.00 in Café Bar No 9 we’ll hear 60s soul-jazz by Tri Tolvanen Organ Treatment and at 20.00 in Helkan Keittiö drag artist Linnea von Kattendam takes the stage in The Best Cabaret in Town.

Later, at Kitch, Uinuva-duo plays lyrical pop music, at 21.00 Mira Luoti plays her new songs in Zetor and at the same time, you can see some dance films in Kulttuuritalo as Loikka Dance Film Festival goes Kapakka. Finally, at 20.00 in Juttutupa, we’ll see a big band of 2010′s, Njet Njet 9.

Folk, street theatre and contemporary cuisine in AgK this saturday

Henkka & Mathias / Photo: Ida Stenros

Thank you for all of you who attended to Art goes Kapakka yesterday! Now it’s time to dive into a new festival day once again.

Art goes Kapakka’s first saturday begins at 14.00 when Bryggeri Terrace Live Music Jamboree fills Bryggeri’s courtyard with music. At 15.00 in Helkan Keittiö, we’ll find out what do Laitila’s Kukko Helles and IPA beers taste like and who makes them. Our “taste” -series continue at 16.00 in Tenho, as Jyrki Sukula, Antti Maunu and Pekka Timonen tell us about contemporary Finnish cuisine. In Elmun Baari, jazz-funk-soul virtuoso Kalle Salonen and his band play together with a pioneer of Finnish progressive rock, Jukka Gustavson. In Vaelsa, Osiris Teatteri’s Villit ja vapaat (wild and free) performance treats us with some brave street theatre at 17.00, and in restaurant Carelia at 18.00, plays the amazing Polte Ensemble. In DublinerHenkka & Mathias take the stage with their hilarious folk-rock, at 19.00, in William K. Kurvi we’ll hear some echoes of gamelan, prog rock, psychedelic rock and jazz by Raoul Björkenheim & Tatu Rönkkö, and at 20.00 Howlin’ Duo cheers us up with their curiously enjoyable music therapy. Last but not least, we’ll hear Trio Guitar Trio‘s pseudo flamenco and bowler jazz in Ølhus Oslo at 21.00.

See you at the festival!


Funk and latin rhythms in Art goes Kapakka this Friday

Plastic Island

Thank you for the choirs and the audience for yesterday’s Tour of Choirs, it was great! Today Art goes Kapakka introduces an interesting and wide range of performances.

At 17.30 Cafe Piritta becomes the scene for Miehemme hiidellä, a playful stage performance of an actor and a musician. In Vaelsa, Clarinet4 plays Latin American rhythms and Argentinian tango at 18.00. Meanwhile in Kulttuuritalo, we’ll hear saxophone played by a gifted multi-instrumentalist Joakim Berhäll and at 18.30 in Bryggeri, Knucklebone Blues Band performs electric roots & blues. Cuejero brings us an artistic union of Latin rhythms, flamenco, Spanish folk and Middle Eastern melodies in Oficina at 19.00; at the same time in Wellamo, we will hear award-winning folk by Gondoli-Tero and at 19.30 in Oluthuone Kaisla Plastic Island takes us to a journey towards the human inner space. At 20.00 in restaurant Carelia, tenor Luca Cannavò sings Italian evergreens, in Kulttuuritalo Hereä plays acoustic rhythm music with mystic and romantic northern flavours and in Dubliner Suho Superstar & Friends Beyond provides us western sounds and twinkling stars of blues sky. Finally, at 20:30 Q-Continuum plays some funk at Tenho, Elmun Baari goes Punk at 21:30 and Cleaning Women plays their bizarre self-made instruments in Juttutupa at 22.00.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the first friday of Art goes Kapakka with us!