22. Art goes Kapakka festival 18.-27.8.2016


22nd Art goes Kapakka –festival is celebrated in 34 restaurants in Helsinki this August. The program offers a broad collection of great music, food, science, visual arts and performing arts.

This year’s program will be published on our website on August 9.

For ten days the festival brings exciting events to Helsinki by introducing some of Finland’s top artists together with some new interesting names. All 369 events are free of charge.

Art goes Kapakka is in collaboration with Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas, Kyrö Distillery Company, Viking Line, Bright, Clear Channel, Heinon Tukku, Suomen Akatemia, Tekes, Duodecim, Artek and Pianokeskus. Art goes Kapakka is a part of Helsinki Festival.



Theater, afro music and beer cocktails on the last festival day!

The last day in this year’s Art goes Kapakka is going to start soon. Thanks to everyone who have been with us in this 10-days festival. It has been great and our team has a little bit sad feelings because it’s going to end.

But don’t be sad yet, because we’ll have a great festival day in front of us!

Saturday 22nd August at Art goes Kapakka:

At 16-18 you can read out your favorite passage from your favorite book in Rytmi. You will also hear the other people’s favorite literature. The lecture will be held in Finnish.

At 18 you can get acquainted with beer cocktails in Taivaanranta Grill & Craft Beer. The lecture will be also held in Finnish.

At 19 Theater collective Ensemble Sielutar is going to perform their play: Sanoja joita et haluaisi kuulla (Words you don’t want to hear). You should book a table if you want some good places to see.

At 21 Pitkäjärvi & Saxlin Duo will be entertaining their audience in Ølhus København.

At 21.30 you can hear folk, blues and beautiful melodies in Manala made by Janne Westerlund.

At 22 a positive afro-pop-jazz-trio Trio Toffa will end this day and the whole Art goes Kapakka festival at Juttutupa!

Powerful soul music and J. S. Bach’s solo cello suites on Friday

Thanks for our great festival audience! There were many glad faces in our events yesterday and somebody also enthusiastically danced to the music in the gigs. It’s good to continue towards this day!

You can start your Art goes Kapakka tour from Helsinki Night Market in Teurastamo or Café Piritta, where you can hear Finnish jazz music played by Gunu’s Thang at 17.30. Cellist Markus Hohti will play J. S. Bach’s solo cello suites in Bar No 9 at 19, and you can listen to mystical, electric music inspired by space with the band Harpalyke in Elmun Baari at 20. Nok Nok will play romantic city pop in Sir Eino at 20.30. Nelly Eleonore Trio in Manala at 21.30 and The Napkins in Juttutupa at 22 will serve fresh and powerful soul music. There will also be a dynamic electropop show with spectacular visuals made by the band WHITE FOX in Dubrovnik at 22.

The second-last-day of Art goes Kapakka is in front of us, enjoy it and remember to take care of each other!

Art goes Kapakka in the Night of the Arts: fashion show and gentle hip hop

What is Art goes Kapakka including today, on Thursday? At least fashion shows, drag improv theatre, a bike tour, open air cinema, blues music, hiphop with a big band and everything else!

Pure Waste Textiles is going to introduce outfits designed by 40 different designers and artists in Botta. Shows will be arranged at 18 and 21, and there will be seen very surprising art and fashion.

The folk musician Emilia Lajunen is going to demonstrate that everything is possible by bicycle: she and her band will carry with them all the instruments and other equipment by bikes. They will play three gigs in Art goes Kapakka restaurants: Teurastamo at 20, Kuukuu at 21 and Bryggeri at 22. Drag Impro show is going to say goodbye to the gender roles in Karl Fazer Café at 19, Beat, Bass & Bone will play magic potion of jazz and prog rock in William K. Kurvi at 20.30 and you can watch “Searching for Sugar Man”, directed by Malik Bendjelloul, in open air cinema in Café Engel at 22. In Wellamo the audience can have an expedition to the roots of tango with the band Sininen Tuli at 19. A young singer-songwriter Peppina is singing in Kitch at 21, indiepop artist Iisa in Siltanen at 22, and blues legend Erja Lyytinen in Belge at 22.30.

The evening will end with exotic hiphop beats and horns, when hiphop band Yhdentekevää will play in Dubrovnik at 22.30.

Enjoy your festival day!

Rough Finnish folk, fashion and cello music – today in Art goes Kapakka!

The seventh day in Art goes Kapakka is full of things to look, listen and experience. This is a good day to take a tour in restaurants!

Fashion and performance group Plastic Pony will be interviewed by author Rosa Liksom in Kuja at 17. There you can also see a short film “Hair Tonic for Pony” made by Liksom. A talented singer-songwriter from northern Finland, Iina Palokangas will play lyrical pop tunes with her band in Piritta at 17.30. Hermanni Turkki is going to perform rough Finnish folk in the terrace of Erottaja at 18. Lucie sings progressive pop at Fazer in 19.30, Teemu Åkerblom Quartet improvises with compositions of modal jazz in Kaisla at 20, Yakuzi Pato is grooving in afrobeat savannahs in Le Roy, and you can hear new soulful Finnish r’n'b made by Jonna in Teerenpeli Keskuskatu at 20.30.

At the end of the day, cellist Markus Hohti will play Bach’s solo cello suites in Kitch at 21, Josén pimeä puoli is going to swing at St. Urho’s Pub, and Pekko Käppi & K.H.H.L. will sway between the foul and lovely music in Zetor at 21.30. The last bands will be Jukka Eskola Soul Trio in Juttutupa at 22 and exploding hiphop played by Brandon Bauer in Belge at 22.30.

Remember also to have something to eat in our festival restaurants! Enjoy your day!